Welcome to Three Oceans, my new painting web site.

My name is Roald U. Arndt. I have been painting for many years, completed several commissions and have originals as well as prints held in private collections in Australia, Hawaii, Canada, England and throughout South Africa. My interests are quite wide and I like to use various styles. My favorite subjects surround the great Southern Ocean where I grew up surfing and sailing with the Southern Cross overhead.

What I would like to achieve with my work is to capture the nature of this energetic planet and the interactions with it’s organisms, make vibrant copies of special or rare scenes that not all persons have a chance to witness and to make these available for sharing everyday.

I believe that there is very little that radiates natural energy more powerfully in a living space than the display of originally created art. That art was the very first cultured enterprise of early humans beyond striving at basic survival, is simply amazing, painted cave walls 35,000 years ago!

Please view some of my paintings, just for fun with Titles, Sizes, and descriptions. Some of the originals are now owned but I have all the rights to offer the very finest lasting quality reproductions on canvass or paper. These can be printed to any reasonable size. I am busy with several new paintings, and will be adding them as soon as they are complete.

Please contact me by email should you wish for any queries and information regarding current pricing and availability. / +27 72 556 9570